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PetrolHead: Traffic Quests APK

Taste the new most realistic driving experience, be a legend by challenging your friends in many different competitions!
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Lethe Studios
Oct 25, 2023
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PetrolHead: Traffic Quests – Your Ultimate Racing Adventure


PetrolHead APK isn’t just another racing game; it’s an immersive world of high-speed thrills and exciting adventures. In this game, you can experience the rush of racing while diving into a captivating storyline. Whether you’re a racing fan or love exploring open worlds, this game has something special for you.

Gameplay Adventures

Expansive Open World

Firstly, explore a vast world filled with city streets, scenic highways, and off-road trails. Encounter traffic, pedestrians, and other vehicles, making your driving experience realistic and dynamic.

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Varied Vehicle Selection

Secondly, choose from sports cars, muscle cars, supercars, and off-road vehicles. Each vehicle is detailed with realistic physics, ensuring a lifelike driving experience.

Deep Storyline

Engage in an exciting narrative with branching storylines, character interactions, and multiple endings. Your choices influence the outcome, adding depth and replay value.

Racing Modes

Additionally, participate in circuit races, point-to-point sprints, time trials, and epic street races. Completing challenges unlocks new story elements and rewards.

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Vehicle Customization In PetrolHead APK

In addition to, personalize your vehicles with paint jobs, decals, and performance upgrades. Modify your car to match your racing style and preferences.

Traffic Quests

Embark on quests like escorting VIPs, evading police, and delivering cargo. These tasks add variety and excitement to the gameplay.

Realistic Graphics and Sound In PetrolHead APK

Furthermore, experience stunning 3D graphics, realistic lighting, weather effects, and immersive sound effects. Hear the roar of engines and screeching tires for an authentic experience.

Multiplayer Mode In PetrolHead APK

Moreover, challenge friends and players worldwide in real-time races. Compete on leaderboards, join tournaments, and showcase your skills.

Regular Updates In PetrolHead APK

In addition to, enjoy frequent updates with new vehicles, missions, challenges, and events, ensuring an ever-evolving experience.

Free-to-Play with In-App Purchases

Finally, PetrolHead Traffic Quests is free to play and offers in-app purchases for convenience, without limiting gameplay for non-paying players.

Conclusion Of PetrolHead APK:

In conclusion, PetrolHead Traffic Quests delivers a multifaceted racing experience beyond the ordinary. Explore open roads, chase your racing dreams, and immerse yourself in a captivating narrative. Download now and start your ultimate driving adventure!

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FAQs About PetrolHead APK:

What kind of game is PetrolHead: Traffic Quests?

For instance, PetrolHead Traffic Quests is an immersive and multifaceted mobile racing game that combines high-speed racing, an engaging storyline, and an expansive open world for players to explore.

Can I customize my vehicles in PetrolHead: Traffic Quests?

Finally, yes, you can personalize your vehicles with various customization options, including paint jobs, decals, and performance upgrades, allowing you to match your car to your racing style.

Is there a multiplayer mode in PetrolHead: Traffic Quests?

Absolutely! PetrolHead Traffic Quests offers a real-time multiplayer mode where you can challenge your friends and players worldwide in exciting races, participate in tournaments, and compete on leaderboards.

What's new

  • Exclusive access to premium vehicles and customization options
  • Faster progression with enhanced rewards and bonuses
  • Ad-free gameplay experience for uninterrupted racing
  • Priority access to new features, updates, and in-game events
  • Special challenges and missions available only to premium users
  • Access to advanced gameplay modes and racing tracks
  • Premium customer support for quick assistance and issue resolution



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How to install PetrolHead: Traffic Quests APK?

1. Download the ZIP file.

2. Install the Split APKs Installer application

3. Open the application and click on "Install APKs".

4. Find the folder where the downloaded ZIP is located and select it.

5. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.